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The Rental Shop is located at the base of the mountain, near the main lodge. It offers all of the essentials for a day on the slopes, including well-maintained skis, snowboards, poles and helmets.

After your day on the mountain, please take rental skis & snowboards off at the end of the prepared slope. Use ski racks. Do not ski or ride over walkways, driveways, or parking lots. You will be charged damage fees that are not included in insurance. Thank you.

Only daily rentals are available.

Rentals at Mount Peter
Equipment Rental Rates
Skis, Boots, Poles or Snowboard & Boots Package
(age 5 and up, as of December 1)
Skis, Boots, Poles or Snowboard & Boots Package
(age 4 and under)
(Adult & Junior)
$15 any age

Rentals require a major credit card and valid driver's license for security deposit. You must be 18 to sign for your own equipment. A parent/guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18. NYS Sales Tax not included in price.

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