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Tubing FAQs

1. Can you guarantee we will have a good time?

Snow tubing is a thrill and just like roller coasters, not everyone will enjoy it. We certainly hope you do though.

2. How much are tubing tickets and what are the operating hours?

Weekend / Holidays


Little Tikes: $25



Little Tikes: $20


Thursday: 12pm-1:30pm   2pm-3:30pm

Friday: 12pm-1:30pm  2pm-3:30pm  4pm-5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday (and holiday): 10am-11:30am  12pm-1:30pm  2pm-3:30pm  4pm-5:30pm

3. Do you have discounts?

Yes. We offer many discounted options, but you can only choose one per ticket. Please use the coupon codes below for the following discounts:

SPHOLDER – Mount Peter celebrates its season pass holders with a $5 discount on tubing tickets. Must show Season Pass.

M10 – Mount Peter thanks our military members by giving a 10% discount. Must show valid military ID.

4. Do I have to reserve tickets ahead of time? How do I reserve?

All tickets must be purchased ahead of time. You can reserve online at  If you have any problems or further questions,  you may also email with your phone number and we will call you back.

5. Can I pay when I get there?

We require payment at the time of reservation which must be booked online.

6. Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone over 18 must sign a waiver and participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. You can speed up the process by printing and completing the waiver here. A family of 5 will fit on one waiver.

7. Are you open in bad weather? What if you close due to the weather?

We try to remain open if possible. Please call or check the website in the event of weather to ensure tubing is still open.

8. What is the age and height requirements for children?

You must be 42” or taller to tube in a single tube on the Tubing Hill. Between 36-48” can tube in a tandem tube with an adult. Children under 42” can purchase and tube in the Little Tikes Tubing area. Everyone tubing must have a ticket, including the adult accompanying the Little Tike in the Little Tikes area.

9. What is the difference between the Little Tikes and Tubing Hill?

The Little Tikes Tubing area is geared for children under 42” and is a much smaller slope. Parents must walk the tube and the child up the hill and can tube down the small slope with the child, or the child can tube down in a small single tube.

The Tubing Hill is much taller and has carpet lift that takes you to the top.

A Tubing Hill ticket allows access to the Little Tikes Tubing area, but a Little Tikes ticket does not allow access to the Tubing Hill.

10. Can I upgrade my Little Tikes Ticket to a Tubing Ticket?

Yes, you can upgrade your Little Tikes Ticket at any point during your scheduled session for $10 cash at the Tubing Ticket Office.

11. Is tubing suitable for my 1 or 2 year old?

It really depends on the child. They must be able to sit in their own seat in the tube to ride down the hill. They cannot sit on an adult’s lap, and they are not strapped in. If your child will not sit still in the tube for the ride down, tubing may not be for them, yet.

12. What is a tandem tube?

A tandem tube is a tube with 2 seats. The child sits in the front and the adult sits in the back. Tandems tubes are for use only by an adult and a small child between 36-48” tall on the tubing hill or a Little Tikes and an adult on the Little Tikes hill. Tickets are per person and everyone tubing regardless of tube used must have a valid session ticket.

13. Can I bring my own tube or sled?

No, outside tubes and sleds are not allowed anywhere at Mt Peter. The tube rental is included in your ticket cost.

14. I’m a supervising parent, do I need a ticket?

If you are supervising in the Little Tikes area, you will need a Little Tikes ticket. If you are supervising children under the age of 7 on the big hill, you must purchase a tubing ticket and tube with them. If you are supervising children ages 8 and up and do not plan to tube, you do not have to purchase a ticket, but you must remain in the area while your child(ren) tube. There are picnic tables to sit at near the base of the tubing hill. Please remember Tubing is an outdoor experience and even though you are not participating you will want to dress to stay warm.

15. Where is the Little Tikes Area?

The Little Tikes area is directly adjacent to the big tubing hill and families with tubers on both the tubing hill and the Little Tikes hill will see each other during the session.

16. What is the Tubing Carousel?

Some days we may have the tubing carousel running. It is a best for small children ages 2-8 as it spins in a slow circle. Staff often enjoying building small bumps for the children’s enjoyment. Adults may ride with a child on the inside tube. Carousel Rides are included in your tubing ticket. It will run most Weekends and Holidays.

17. Can children play in the tubing area?

The Little Tikes Tubing Area does have a small section to play in the snow with a few snow toys depending on snow conditions.

18. If we arrive late, can we make up the time in the next session?

No, you are reserved for a specific session time and even for late arrivals your session time will end when it is scheduled to do so.

19. If I cannot come, can I get a refund?

Tickets are nonrefundable, but we do allow rescheduling for a later date as long as we have availability in the session time you would like to move to. We do require a 7 days notice to reschedule a ticket.

20. How fast are the runs?

The speed of the run depends on the conditions. When it is cold and dry the tubes run faster, when there is fresh snow, it is warmer or wet the tubes run slower.

21. How long/high are your tube runs?

The tube runs are 600 feet on the tubing hill and 150 feet for the Little Tikes hill.

22. How many runs can I expect to get in one session?

This depends on the session. If you are in a fully booked out session, you can expect to get between 5 and 10 runs in the 2-hour session. If the stars align and you play your timing just right, you can expect to get more.

23. Is one and a half hours enough time?

For most people, one and a half hours is plenty of time. If you wish to tube longer and we have availability, you are welcome to purchase tickets for the next one and a half hour session.

24. How do I reach the top of the mountain?

We have a carpet lift, like the conveyor belts at the airports that you ride to the top. You must stand and hold the tube in front of you for the ride to the top. Please do not walk up the lift. There is not a lift in the Little Tikes Area and participants must pull their tube up the slope.

25. What do we wear and do we need any special equipment?

Proper footwear with good tread is required. Ski boots are not allowed. We highly recommend the following: Snow pants, water proof gloves, a beanie, and a coat appropriate for the temperature. Sunglasses are a must if it is sunny and a helmet is optional.

26. Is there a weight limit?

No, we do not have weight limits for our snow tubing hill.

27. Do you do birthday parties?

This year, we are not able to offer birthday parties.

28. Do you have somewhere we can sit and eat if I bring my own food?

Outside food and beverages are not permitted. The lodge across the parking lot has a full cafeteria to ensure you remain fed and happy.

29. Where are your bathrooms?

There are VIP restrooms near the Tubing area. Flush Toilets are located 300 yards across the parking lot in the main Mount Peter Lodge.

30. Where do I stand to take pictures?

We have a small area near the bottom of the tubing run that will allow you to take pictures and be out of the walkways. We ask that guests keep the walkways clear of congestion and always listen to the direction of the Tubing attendants.

31. How far are you from NYC?

We are one hour from the George Washington Bridge. Our address is 51 Old Mt Peter Rd. Warwick, NY 10990.

32. Are there hotels and restaurants near you?

Yes, please check the lodging page for a list of recommended local lodging options. Pete’s Café is open during normal operating hours in the Main Lodge. The towns of Warwick and Greenwood Lake have several restaurants.

33. When does your season start and end?

As soon as Mother Nature lets us make enough snow after Thanksgiving Mount Peter will open. Snow tubing takes more snow and often opens toward the middle to later part of December. We try to stay open through the end of March, but it is also weather dependent. Call or check online for updates and to ensure we are open before you come.