Making Snow at Mount Peter

Snow Making

What Happens when Mother Nature gets stingy with snow? We make our own!!

Mount Peter's snowmaking system is a vital part of the ski area's overall operation. Snowmaking allows the area to open earlier and remain open even during very warm periods. The system allows our snowmaking crew (the BEST In the region) to lay down snow where the area needs it most, and to control the quality of the snow.

Snowmaking, basically, is the process of breaking water into very small droplets, and then freezing those droplets, forming snow. The resulting product is a small pellet around 50-100 microns in size. The snow that is made is similar to snow that has been drifted, or blown around. Manmade is generally more dense than natural snow, and that means it is usually more durable, and will hold up longer on a ski run than natural snow.

So how does Mount Peter create the perfect snow? Mount Peter has lots of snow making machines. They work by using a fan to move a high volume of air. Nozzles located on the snow maker spray small droplets of water into a frigid air column. The droplets are frozen as they move through the air column before falling back to the ground. The resulting snow is then moved and groomed with our grooming machine so it's ready for your enjoyment.

Thor Snow Gun